Industry: Next Generation Fraud Protection

Stage: Growth-stage, Revenue generating

Location: New York City, NY


Socure defends enterprises against Identify Fraud using proprietary real-time online and social checks to verify that people are who they say they are.  Socure Social Biometrics™ focuses on fraud prevention and identity verification at the time of registration as part of Know Your Customer (KYC) and fraud risk checks for major tier 1 financial institutions.

Socure combines a patent-pending artificial intelligence system, proprietary machine learning algorithms and social behavior pattern analysis to detect if an ID is authentic, a fraudster or a bot.

When integrated into registration and logins, Socure solutions reduce fraud rates, increase acceptance rates and lower compliance and review costs for enterprises around the world.


 Social Biometrics™

Peoples' online behavior is something that is a part of who they are; reflecting a hard-to-replicate biometric signature. Social Biometrics™ focuses on the strength of our social behaviors across networks to assert a user's identity authenticity online.