Industry: Health/Fitness/Wearable Technology

Location: San Francisco, Boston 


Skulpt’s groundbreaking technology was developed at Harvard Medical School and MIT School of Engineering, to measure fat percentage and muscle quality. To date, Skulpt has been using its technology in a medical device. The medical device is employed by top pharmaceutical companies to measure the efficacy of their drugs on neuromuscular disorders. Now, Skulpt is ready to launch a consumer fitness device, based on this same technology. Unlike the current fitness technologies in the market which measure “activity,” Skulpt measures “results.” Skulpt’s consumer device is poised to revolutionize the fitness technology category of consumer electronics. The technology is protected by a strong patent portfolio.

Skulpt’s device allows the user to measure their various muscle groups’ muscle quality (MQ), to monitor the efficiency of their fitness regimen and adjust it accordingly. Users will be able to compare their MQ to the MQ of their friends, teammates, and workout partners, as well as with top fitness professionals and athletes. For example, an avid cyclist will be able to compare his/her MQ to the top cyclists in the world. A high-school baseball player will be able to compare his MQ to top professional sluggers or pitchers.