Caerus Ventures Fund II: The convergence of Hardware and Software

Caerus Ventures is smart capital. We invest in industries where our team and our fund's Advisory Board members have extensive experience, significant knowledge, and deep networks. We specialize in companies at the convergence of hardware and software. We love "smart" and "connected" hardware technologies and the software that powers them.

Caerus does not just write a check. We pride ourselves on being true value-add investors. We only invest in companies where we can impact the bottom line.

We seek visionary management teams with strong character, big ideas, and proprietary technologies. We work closely with our founders to strategically execute scalable business models that foster the growth of revolutionary products. It is all about execution.

We are revenue model driven investors, targeting companies that have proven product/market fit, customer traction, and a path to profitability.

Investment Stage:

We make our initial investment in Seed and Series A rounds, and participate in follow-on rounds through Series B. Caerus typically seeks to make an initial capital investment into a company at or below a $15M valuation, however, there can be exceptions to this practice.

Caerus does not invest in pre-product or concept-stage companies.

Investment Size:

Caerus implements a staged investment process as companies execute on their business plans. Typically, our initial investments range from $250,000-$2,000,000 with reserved capital of up to an additional $10,000,000 for follow-on financing. We aim to increase exposure to our most successful companies over time.