Industry: Wine & Spirits

Stage: Growth-stage, Revenue generating

Location: West Palm Beach, FL 

Grain and Barrel is a world-class wine & spirits brand builder with national distribution and a core mandate of innovative new product development. The Florida-based company was formed in 2012, from the roll-up of ownership interests in multiple existing and in-development brands. G&B is structured to maximize upside potential while spreading risk across a synergistic portfolio of brands. Few industries match the upside potential of wine & spirits; the highly acquisitive industry richly rewards innovation and growth. G&B's proven approach to brand development is methodical: new concepts must be on trend, provide a compelling story, be packaged for visual impact and have an identifiable exit. G&B is led by a veteran management team, has an established national distribution footprint, and benefits from both a current base of sales and a pipeline of brands to be rolled out over the next 12-18 months.

The overriding goal of G&B is to build innovative, on-trend brands that will yield significant interest from a well-defined universe of strategic buyers.  Potential strategics can maximize efficiencies in the supply chain, leverage vast distribution networks, scale existing brands and create line extensions; however, they are fundamentally poor at true innovation. Strategics have chosen to outsource product development to entrepreneurial companies like G&B. Grain and Barrel innovates, the Diageo’s of the world acquire and scale.